panagenda MarvelClient:
The #1 Client Management Solution

Given what panagenda MarvelClient does for our customers, there are literally hundreds of reasons for why you should choose panagenda MarvelClient to optimize your IBM Notes clients – the most prominent ones being:

  • Client analysis and optimization
  • Reduce helpdesk calls by up to 80%
  • Achieve best (cold and warm) client startup times
  • Roaming, including Citrix, WTS, VDI and Connections Cloud
  • Seamless client setups, upgrades and updates

MarvelClient puts you in control over all your IBM Notes client configurations and ensures smooth operations 365 days a year – from initial client setup, through one-of-a-kind roaming and continuously enforcing your desired settings, to keeping your clients up-to-date smartly.

And in case you are wondering how MarvelClient differs from IBM policies, that’s easily explained as follows:

  • Compared to panagenda MarvelClient, IBM desktop policies are rather limited – if desktop policies are 10%, MarvelClient is 100%
  • Due to lack of insight, IBM policies often don’t work as expected or not at all. MarvelClient. Just.Works.

Last but not least, at up to 15,000 changes per second, panagenda MarvelClient is the world’s fastest client management solution for IBM Notes.

MarvelClient Platforms:
IBM Notes Basic Client, IBM Notes Standard Client, IBM Notes Browser Plugin, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Citrix, Microsoft Windows Terminal Server, VDI

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