panagenda GreenLight:
End-to-End & Performance Monitoring

Are your end users complaining about performance although your servers are up and running just fine?

Where ordinary monitoring solutions fall short, panagenda GreenLight also watches over your collaboration landscape from your end users’ point of view.

Key features of GreenLight include:

  • Measure Quality of Service (QoS)
  • End-to-End & Performance Monitoring
  • Agentless virtual appliance (turnkey)
  • Powerful charting and reporting
  • Integrates with IBM Tivoli or HP OpenView

GreenLight not only tells you how well your infrastructure is performing right now, but it records all measurements ongoingly for historic reporting and charting. And apart from providing you with very special sensors for a rich variety of systems, GreenLight naturally also talks a multitude of protocols, such as UDP, TCP, ICMP and SNMP.

All your measurements are visualized in a dashboard, which is accessible and customizable from a browser, and allows you to keep an eye on your infrastructure from numerous viewpoints – the following two images show two such examples:

Server Performance Monitoring - Overview

Image 1: Health Grid


The above screenshot (Image 1) shows a subset of servers and measurement details visualized in the so called Health Grid. On closer look, you can also see our powerful IBM Domino Audit sensor watching over 40 key statistics (also see below for a detailed screenshot).

Server Performance Monitoring - Overview

Image 2: Options to group servers

Image 2 shows options to group many servers by e.g. location, data center or function, for example. Since our larger customers run several thousand servers, grouping and filtering allows them to keep track – all from even just one screen.

Many of the sensors in GreenLight are much more than just taking measurements, but go to great lengths in making the most out of your data straight away. One such example is the Domino Audit sensor, watching over the most critical health parameters on IBM Domino servers:


Extensibility, Charting and Reporting

panagenda GreenLight has a generic architecture, allowing us to support more and more systems and data sources over time, that can then immediately benefit from GreenLights robustness, storage, dashboarding, charting and reporting capabilities.

Whenever you have an incident that needs data supplied to e.g. Microsoft or IBM, it is already there, safely recorded for you.

Collected data and recorded measurements can be turned into charts and reports without having a PhD in Excel, being a SQL guru or requiring programming knowledge.

From bar charts and pie charts, through timeline charts, to periodic reports, GreenLight has everything to make your data meaningful – and to reduce repetitive work, e.g. for creating management and IT performance reports.


Alerting and Actions

When it comes to alerting, GreenLight provides you with many different options, all of which can be flexibly combined:


  • Audible and visible notifications in GreenLight dashboard
  • Email and SMS alerts via SMTP
  • SNMP Trap notifications to other monitoring systems
  • Issuing of Domino Console commands (e.g. restart a task or even the whole server)
  • Connections Chat (Sametime) chat messages
  • Syslog messages
  • IBM Connections activities

Naturally, a number of alerting configuration options allow you to avoid situations where you are flooded with emails or alerted needlessly. And, of course, it is also possible to make notifications depending on whether an issue occurs during business hours or a maintenance period. Image 3 shows configuration of conditions and advanced options for alerts and actions.

Server Performance Monitoring - Overview

Image 3: Screenshot of Alerts and Actions Configuration

GreenLight Platforms:

Ready-made VMWare image to monitor IBM Connections, IBM Domino, IBM Sametime, IBM Traveler, IBM WebSphere, Web Servers, Microsoft Servers, Blackberry Enterprise Server and many more

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