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What do you have to look forward to? Plenty, with more than 70 enhancements and new MarvelClient features ranging from performance improvements to an updated UI, and more!

Our new Mail Blocking feature gives you total control over the impact your users messages are allowed to have on your infrastructure. This means that instead of draconian limits to attachment sizes, you can limit the precise volume of traffic an email will create by allowing your users to send a large attachment to a coworker, but preventing them from sending it to half the company! (You can still do draconian limits if you really, really want to, of course).

Here is how it works: With the help of GroupExplorer Light – our source of group member information – MarvelClient Mail Blocking knows the effective number of recipients of any message about to be sent. We then multiply that number with the total mail size to determine exactly how much network traffic and storage any message will use. The best part is – this happens on the client, before a mail even gets sent and has a chance to impact your servers! Mail Blocking also works offline and gives the user instant feedback on why they cannot send that oh-so-important 50 MB Excel sheet to the group “Universe”. Besides volume limits, you can also limit the number of recipients, mail size, and type of recipients. Easily disallow your interns to send mail to recipients outside the company, or limit them to their department while preventing all users from mailing the CEO (or the admins). Of course you can also control who has which limits using the access definitions you already know from other MarvelClient actions.

Next on the list of new features is something we are rather proud of – view sorting now roams. Yes you read that right! Gone are the days where users have to manually re-sort their inbox by date descending, every time they work on a new machine. Just add another XML to your MarvelClient roaming set and you are good to go!

You know that one small change in a new version of software that doesn’t sound like a big deal at first, but soon you can’t believe how you could ever live without it? In this version of MarvelClient the performance improvements we did are bound to be that. Throughout MarvelClient, we aimed to reduce preventable hard disk access, as well as network traffic whenever possible. A roaming actions.xml will now only get up-/downloaded when absolutely necessary, the number of local actions.xml reads/writes has been reduced, and both have been moved to background threads wherever possible. Also, we’ve reduced the need to open local databases if possible and added a whole slew of tweaks that should noticeably reduce startup times on slow machines, especially for users with bad network connections or slow disk drives.

Want more shiny new features? No problem with our updated Eclipse module!

    • Connections plugin settings can now be set
    • Sametime meeting server preferences have been added
    • Sametime notification settings, auto status changes and status messages are easily configurable
    • improved plugin install action giving you more control over deployments
    • convenient new UI for many other Eclipse preferences (Feeds, Fonts and Colors, Widgets, Web Browser, etc)
    • MarvelClient Analyze for Eclipse preferences and plugins is now readily available to help you plan

Availability of these features obviously depends on your license but there is even more to look forward to! We’re working on improved profile document actions, new MD5 hash conditions for Attachment Blocking, easier dictionary management and a cleaner look and feel in both the Configuration and Analyze databases and at least one additional big surprise you’ll learn more about when MarvelClient 4 gets released!

P.S. – To tide you over until later Summer, be sure to do an Online Update in your current MarvelClient deployment to our latest release 3.1.18 we just made public!

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