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When troubleshooting a mail routing or security problem, time is of the essence! And time is the one commodity that Domino administrators covet most.

Administrators don’t have time to manually determine which Groups a user belongs to, which applications a user can access on which servers or how many recipients a particular email would been sent to. Not only that, in some cases, building a list of who is part of which nested group and has access to apps in which ways is close to impossible!

This is where GroupExplorer will win the day and allow Domino administrators to work smarter, not harder! Group Explorer reads the designated Domino Directory environment and provides administrators with immediate answers to the questions they need answered right now!

  • Which groups is this person a member of?
  • Which applications on which servers does this person have access to?
  • How many people will receive an email if sent to a particular group?
  • How many users are in a group?
  • How many users are in that GLOBAL certificate Group?
  • Of those groups which one are Mail only? Security only? Or both?

None of this information is easily accessible or determinable from the default views and statistics of the Domino Directory, but this is the exact information administrators need in order to make informed and accurate decisions about the status and security of their environments.

Whether you are an administrator of an existing Domain or have inherited a Domino infrastructure that you need to know everything about as soon as possible, GroupExplorer is the tool what will provide you with the real data that will allow you to make intelligent informed decisions about the security and structure of the Domino environment.

This next release of GroupExplorer, scheduled to go live soon, is also enhanced to perform better in environments with limited amounts of memory and provide intelligent data that can be integrated with the other products in our suite of IT management solutions, as well as introduce functions to automate the management of groups and application ACLs.

Smarter is the new harder, easily done with panagenda GroupExplorer!

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