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Everybody loves IBM Traveler, which provides quick access to email, calendar and contacts from mobile devices or tablets. It’s easy to handle for both administrators and users and above all – it simply works! No surprise that it has been spreading rapidly and many businesses heavily rely on it. With Traveler becoming a critical application, this now also means it requires monitoring in order to guarantee uptimes. panagenda’s GreenLight has long been monitoring IBM Traveler at various levels, from statistics analysis to monitoring the servlet via http user simulation.

With the introduction of the high availability Traveler in 8.5, the old lotustraveler.nsf is now empty and its former content can only be accessed via an XPages application. This prompted the GreenLight team to look into the data that is now available and together with a customer we worked out a pretty exciting way of utilizing this information: monitoring Traveler based on user activity rather than on the functioning of its individual components.

The result is literally monitoring Traveler the other way around – if you know that it’s normal that 80% of your devices synchronize in an interval no longer than 12 hours, a drop to 40% may indicate a severe problem which is likely to be caused by a technical issue rather than a drastic change in user behavior. This leads to very simple monitoring logic: if I notice that my users have problems synchronizing, I’d better check my server for issues. And only now do I need to dive into those ten detail areas of monitoring Traveler components.


In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re really into statistics and analysis so let’s look at some of those additional technical details and see how they can actually help you understand how well your Traveler Server works.

Here is just a small subset of statistics, which GreenLight provides in regards to Traveler user activity (all of them are available for different time periods ranging from 1 to 48 hours):

–      greenlight.traveler.lastsync.under12.pct …
–      greenlight.traveler.lastsync.over12h.pct …
–      greenlight.traveler.lastsync.hours.06-12.numdevices …

From there on it’s easy to configure an alert for our example situation: if “…lastsync.under12h < 80%” then send me a SMS or a Sametime chat alert.

traveler2_GL_blogNo matter if your company is a big fan of the iPhone, iPad, follows a BYOD strategy or is in the process of moving their entire Blackberry traffic to BES 10: Traveler is the platform to monitor these days, so be sure you have the right solutions to do so without compromising reliability or performance.

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