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panagenda Consulting LogoWith their existing software solutions serving over 6 million licensed modules Worldwide, panagenda is well established as an analysis and optimization leader in the IBM collaboration market. Adding to their existing offerings, panagenda now expands its portfolio with a newly founded panagenda Consulting company.


To date, panagenda has enabled hundreds of IBM ICS customers by analyzing their infrastructures on all levels (client, server, and application) to identify optimization potential. By doing so, panagenda has made it possible for companies to manage and adapt IT in an efficient, agile way. A new subsidiary named panagenda Consulting has now been created to complement the existing panagenda offerings with consulting experience to accompany IT projects and help realize even more value from working with panagenda. The scope of services ranges from cloud migrations, virtualization, upgrades, performance improvements to client adaptions and anything in between. Even fundamental operating changes across the collaboration infrastructure, such as cloud migrations, integration and mergers are part of the new offerings. panagenda Consulting has broad IT experience to be able to work with IT on a deep technical levels, while also being able to engage management on complex enterprise management, in a meaningful way.

Florian Vogler

Florian Vogler, CEO panagenda

“We’re excited to offer strategic, advisory and operational consulting to our customers in addition to our existing solution portfolio. With these extended consulting services we are able to assist companies both before, during and after any changes in their IT environment, in ways we couldn’t before. The pace at which enterprises are expected to adapt to constantly changing conditions and trends such as cloud, virtualization, social media, mobility and other demanding subjects is staggering. With our new panagenda iDNA analytics solution we’re launching, we are not only able to answer any relevant question within IBM Notes and Domino infrastructures, but can now also accompany and execute these complex infrastructure changes, adding instant value to our customers. With our area of expertise ranging across all areas of collaboration, such as email, Sametime, IBM Connections, over clients and servers, to applications, including design, utilization, interfaces and dependencies, panagenda Consulting further enriches our portfolio of offerings.” says panagenda’s CEO, Florian Vogler.

Henning Kunz

Henning Kunz, CEO panagenda Consulting

“Analyzing infrastructures, joint determination of the core issues to be solved, followed by implementation of the findings: The unique functionality and benefits of panagenda solutions, coupled with the skills of highly experienced IT Consultants with deep knowledge of collaboration – that is what we’re able to bring to our customers now. Regardless if a company is running IBM ICS exclusively or if it’s a Microsoft integrated environment, we are eager to help guide customers through complex IT changes”, says Henning Kunz, CEO of panagenda Consulting. Henning Kunz himself has worked exclusively on complex infrastructure projects since the mid 90s, ranging from small to very large environments. Besides product implementation, migration and upgrades, he has advised and assisted companies with restructuring IT environments after a merger with his broad technical IBM and Microsoft skills and leadership competence.

About panagenda:

panagenda LogoHeadquartered in Vienna, Austria, panagenda is an innovative software solution provider for IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS) infrastructures. With locations in Heppenheim, Germany and Boston, USA and a team of highly experienced developers, administrators, consultants and solution architects, panagenda understands the complexity of any IT infrastructure. Together with it’s broad network of Partners all over the World, panagenda provides operational and strategic guidance and solutions, granting clarity and value across any collaboration landscape.
Also part of the panagenda group are Dutch company Trust Factory located in Den Haag, as well as panagenda Consulting, which are wholly owned subsidiaries. 

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