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Cloud migration, consolidation, modernization, mobile efforts, social business and more – the right strategic direction for IT is rarely obvious and often lacking clear, fact-based answers. So how do you gain clarity across an entire collaboration infrastructure made up of constantly moving parts? Where do you turn to collect data and distill it into something meaningful?

Our answer is clear – panagenda iDNA! iDNA combines the best from our software solutions and our vast experience from analyzing and optimizing hundreds of environments.

panagenda iDNA is available in several versions to suit your needs – today we’re proud to introduce panagenda iDNA HealthCheck Plus!


panagenda iDNA collects a multitude of data and turns it meaningful reports – all in your own environment. The goal is to equip both decision-makers and technical staff, from IT to C-level executives and the business, with all information necessary to shape the IBM collaboration infrastructure – today and tomorrow.

  • Costs – licenses, servers, applications
  • Operating models – cloud, consolidation and centralization potential
  • Clients – Rich clients, browsers, smartphones, mobile devices
  • Load and use indicators – network traffic, read and write operations, sessions and transactions
  • Integrity – configuration issues
  • Optimization – analysis and improvement
  • Security – identification of weak Points

Experience the power of panagenda iDNA yourself with our sample report – or join one of our webinars.

Answers to frequently asked questions, a management summary, a detailed description of the sample report and associated use cases can be found in our document “IBM Collaboration: The Future is Now”.

P.S.: Act now and benefit from our panagenda iDNA HealthCheck Plus summer promotion! And stay tuned to this site for our series of blog posts centered around the topic of “let your data work for you” where we highlight customer usage cases for iDNA.

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