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This is an apology to everyone – customers, partners and IBM – who I managed to unsettle or upset with the title of my last blog post.

I now well understand that the title was a mistake – and believe me: at panagenda, Notes is VERY near and dear to our heart!

Before you read on, please be assured that the following lines are not meant to take away from the above apology, but I firmly believe that if one is brave enough to choose for a provocative title, one should also be brave enough to admit a mistake.

I simply hadn’t ever considered that with such a controversial topic, people would only read the title. Ironically this is very much in line with the content of the article itself, as it proves how difficult it has become to cope with daily information overload. Lesson learned!

The many reactions, some very emotionally, show one thing for sure:
It is amazing how alive the Notes community is!

All in all, the blog post feedback received was pretty overwhelming. Apart from the understandable negative reactions to the title, the article itself lead to intense and vivid discussions with surprisingly many customers about the future of IBM Notes and Domino and Connections – as was the major goal of the article.

In these conversations, I was asked how one could concretely improve communication and collaboration. While I did mention some examples on what I as an end user would wish for, I certainly don’t have all the answers on what possible solutions could look like.

In my opinion, communication and collaboration should be less viewed as mere functionality, but be enriched with business value that end users notice, too. That is something that is just as valid for all platforms, not just IBM Notes. Good communication and collaboration, however, is not commodity but hard work. Hard work that pays for itself many times over.

I look forward to sharing a few of these concrete suggestions in my next post. Until then, thank you to each and every one of you who took the time and share your thoughts both positive and negative!

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