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With customers all over the Globe and our own team working in 6 different time zones, knowing when it’s ok to call or schedule meetings can be really difficult. Twice a year, this becomes even more challenging when Europe switches to/from daylight savings time before the US. So to help us collaborate easier and better, our resident java genius Julian Robichaux has created a simple widget called Timezone Helper by panagenda that allows you to look up a time zone, save it and compare time zones to lookup meeting times that work for all attendees involved.

Timezone Helper by panagendaSince the US just changed timezones yesterday, we thought we’d extend this useful tool to you all. Just download the zip file, drag into your “My Widgets” area and lookup and save your favorites. You can then also compare time zones to find meeting friendly times and as an added bonus for visual people, we’ve made locations go dark (blue) when it’s their non-business hours for easier recognition.

Timezone Helper by panagenda - Compare TimesHappy scheduling!

Update 11/4: With manual deployment, a Notes client restart is required for this widget to work. If you’re using MarvelClient Eclipse to deploy, this is not needed.
Also, thanks to CS for pointing out the issue with Russian timezones. We’re waiting for IBM to include this in their next fix pack, which Java – and hence our Timezone Helper plugin – relies on.

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  • Angelo Pampalone

    Thank you, I just deployed into my widget catalog.

  • Hogne B. Pettersen

    I’ve tried to import this in my local update site, but I only get LS2J Error: Java constructor failed to execute (#304) in and then a long lists of errors in various lines.

    It also tells me the there’s an error in featurescom.panagenda.timezone.feature_1.0.0.jar.

    I’m using IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP3

  • Julian Robichaux

    If anyone else has this problem, there was a regression bug with LS2J in the Notes client with 9.0.1 FP3 and 8.5.3 FP6 that caused this error with the Domino Update Site database:

    The fix (an update to the Java JVM used by Notes) is here:

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