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“Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned.”

The last “Lotusphere” took place in Orlando, FL January 25 – 28 and if it had a theme, the above would summarize it nicely for us at panagenda. So many of you came out to see us on the show floor, in our sessions, in our hospitality suite, any random hallway and anything in between.  Even those that weren’t present interacted on Twitter and other social streams making for exceptionally fun and valuable collaboration.

Thank you for engaging us, reaching out, supporting us, challenging us, providing feedback.

Thank you for choosing to spend your time with us.


Pre-ConnectED Partner Briefing attended by 28 people from 19 partners, including our partner of the year 2014, We4it

While the show did not have as many attendees as in the past and at times felt pieced together, our friend Susan Bulloch puts it best: “It’s not about the technology, it’s about the people!”


Pictures courtesy of Oliver Heinz

We also had a lot of fun revealing our give-away for 2015, the wonderful waterproof and heat resistant, self-curing silicone mass called Sugru.  Not only is sugru fantastic for fixing things and improving anything in your life, their manifesto also very much reflects the way we look at IT and collaboration.  The fact that our custom-branded sugru boxes are magnet kits, makes it even better and we can’t wait to hearing about all the things you are fixing or improving in your life. Please share your hacks with us on one of our social channels and the hashtag #FutureProofingIT



Pictures courtesy of Sugru


If you missed our ConnectED sessions presented by Julian Robichaux and Kathy Brown, Henning Kunz and Florian Vogler, Daniel Reimann and Franz Walder, we have good news – you can either join us at one of many “ConnectED Comes To You” events  – OR – head over to our ConnectED resources page to get our slides.


Pictures courtesy of Oliver Heinz

Lastly, in case you don’t have plans later this month, please join us in Las Vegas February 21 – 26 at IBM InterConnect where we’re both exhibiting at booth 831, as well as presenting. We’ll also have more of that fabulous sugru stuff, so head over to our countdown page to find out more.


We look forward to seeing you all again – hopefully soon!

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