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First and foremost, we would like to thank all our business partners we have the pleasure of working with for being committed to panagenda, our solutions and strategy. Spreading a joint message, spending time and learning about our offerings, combining our solutions with world class services and support is extremely important to us.
Every year, three of our partners are nominated for our Partner of the Year award. Since only one can win, we are proud to herewith announce the

panagenda Partner of the Year 2014



Partner of the Year 2014 - We4IT

We4IT is located in Bremen, Germany, and has been a panagenda premium business partner ever since the early days of panagenda, continuously investing in our relationship, making every year a great success and a lot of fun. The expertise of We4IT covers all IBM collaboration software, as well as our entire suite of solutions for analytics and optimization across clients, servers and applications.
We4IT is also well known for organizing excellent events, such as “Lotusphere Comes To You” and “BusinessConnect Conference” in Hamburg, as well as for their overall contribution to the IBM ICS community, which is evidenced by We4IT CEO Stefan Sucker recently being awarded “IBM Champion 2014”.


We4IT CEO Stefan Sucker


Congratulations to We4IT for the well-deserved recognition and thank you for your ongoing commitment to panagenda. We look forward to 2015!

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