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One of the most exciting new GreenLight features is the Linux Shell Script Sensor. Triggering  Linux Shell Scripts opens a myriad of additional monitoring use cases  with GreenLight. By creating custom Sensors, you are able to integrate your shell script results into the powerful GreenLight environment.

LDAP queries are a popular example: GreenLight determines whether a directory object was found during an LDAP query and if so, how long such a query took.

With the Linux Shell Script Sensor, it is now possible to execute scripts on the proven Nagios monitoring platform. Nagios plugins need to be installed on the GreenLight appliance in order to execute them with a Shell Script. This allows Nagios results to not only integrate with GreenLight but even to be processed in charting frameworks. Relevant cases will soon be available on our Knowledge Base.

GreenLight 2.9.6 also offers comprehensive innovation and improvements in the area IBM Traveler monitoring and analysis. With just a few clicks you can visualize mail server access statistics (DCA DB Open) as histogram matrix:


Overall, the new GreenLight offers a significant improvement to the most relevant information on IBM Traveler. With new statistics and details to devices, you can for instance evaluate the sync status as well hardware and operating system information (iOS/Android/Blackberry)

An important focus for GreenLight 2.9.6 was enhancing the monitoring of complex systems. As a result, you are now also able to analyze Sametime Meeting statistics that are collected based on WebSphere.

Other innovations as well as enhanced usability and stability, make version 2.9.6 a very attractive upgrade for monitoring your infrastructure. To find out more, read detailed information in our GreenLight Release Notes.

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