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1/3 IBM Connections Search (April 27, 2016)

IBM Connections Communities

3/3 IBM Connections Files (June 14th, 2016)

IBM-Connections_Communities_panagendaDifferent cases can apply to administrators within the module Communities. The most important are:

  • orphaned communities without an active owner cannot be changed
  • the maximum file upload size has been reached and needs to be changed
  • Communities should be grouped according to other themes
    • Sub-communities should become independent
    • Independent communities should become sub-communities
  • Deleted communities should be restored

Add members and owners per browser

Prerequisite: The administrator requires the dsx-admin role in communities.

Display of all communities: https://connections-host/communities/service/atom/communities/all

If you follow this URL without the dsx-admin role, you will only receive a list of communities to which you have access. The dsx-admin role has access to ALL existing communities (it is also used by Search during indexing).

A user with the dsx-admin roll is also able to add users and members.

ImportantMembers can only be added to sub-communities if they are also members of the parent community!

Adding member and owner with wsadmin

Many businesses don’t want that a user received the dsx-admin role. In this case, you need to add members using wsadmin.

UUID from Community URL


UUID using wsadmin

wsadmin>CommunitiesListService.filterListByName(allComm,”Search Test”)

[{lastModBy=[Admin Connections, 0989A11C-D85F-0B59-C125-7E7C003FFAE6], created=09/09/15 13:27:20 CEST, tags=[test], type=private, name=Search Test, uuid=351ace81-4ebf-4f47-af50-815799d3d353, memberSize=1, lastMod=10/09/15 08:58:45 CEST, description=Testing Search , createdBy=[Admin Connections, 0989A11C-D85F-0B59-C125-7E7C003FFAE6]}, {lastModBy=[Communities Administrator, -Communities-Administrator-ID-], created=11/09/15 12:08:24 CEST, tags=[], type=public, name=Search Test, uuid=e2f4589d-bfc9-4c1d-9320-98b60588e6ff, memberSize=2, lastMod=11/09/15 12:40:37 CEST, description=, createdBy=[Admin Connections, 0989A11C-D85F-0B59-C125-7E7C003FFAE6]}] (1)

(1) Value of uuid= copy

Adding members and owners

wsadmin>newowners=[“”, “”] (3)

wsadmin>CommunitiesService.addMembersToCommunityByEmail(“Search Test,1,newowners) (1)

0091E: Multiple communities found with name: Search Test.

WASX7015E: Exception running command: “CommunitiesService.addMembersToCommunityByEmail(“Search Test”, 1, newowners)”; exception information:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: CLFRM0091E: Multiple communities found with name: Search Test.

wsadmin>CommunitiesService.addMembersToCommunityByEmail(“e2f4589d-bfc9-4c1d-9320-98b60588e6ff”, 1, newowners) (2) (4)
addMembersToCommunityByEmail request processed

(1) The community can be specified by name, but in case the name has been previously used, the error CLFRM0091E is generated

(2) It is better to specify the community according to uuid

(3) Save new members (email addresses) into a list (newowners)

(4) In this operation, 1 means the added user is an owner in the community and with 0 you are able to add members

Community Reparenting

  • Introduced in IBM Connections 4.5 CR3
  • Relocation of communities with certain prerequisites:
    • Sub-communities cannot be directly attached to other communities
    • Communities with sub-communities cannot become sub-communities
  • Owners of a parent community
    • are also owners of the sub-community
  • Member and owners of sub-communities
    • are also members of the parent community

Reparenting – Access levels

During the relocation of a community to a sub-community, changes to levels of authority may occur. The following table displays possible changes.

Table 1. Changes of community type while reparenting

Parent CommunitySub-community prior to allocationSub-community after allocation
PublicPublicNo change
PublicModeratedNo change
PublicLimitedNo change
ModeratedModeratedNo change
ModeratedLimitedNo change
LimitedLimitedNo change

Community Recycling Bin

  • Introduced in version 5.0
  • Default purge interval is 90 days
  • Task runs daily at 3am
    • e. also with daysToDelete=0, deleted communities are first placed in the recycling bin
    • final deletion then occurs at 3am


<comm:task name=”fullDelete” description=”Fully delete Communities in trash”
interval=”0 0 3 ? * *” startby=””
enabled=”true” scope=”cluster” type=”internal”
targetName=”” mbeanMethodName=”” serverName=”unsupported” />

<!–  Number of days after which a soft-deleted community will be fully deleted –>

Before IBM Connections 5.0CR3, communities had to be restored using wsadmin. Since IBM Connections 5.0 CR3 this action can be performed by users directly from the browser.


Restoring communities in recycling using wsadmin

wsadmin>CommunitiesService.getSoftDeletedCommunityUuidList(“2016-04-20”) (1)
wsadmin>CommunitiesService.getSoftDeletedCommunityUuidList() (2)
[{lastModBy=[Christoph Stoettner, B157E78B-E5D7-52D6-C125-7E7C003FF9D0], created=15/09/15 23:38:53 CEST, tags=[], type=public, name=My cool community, uuid=9b229afb-8034-4dff-93a7-d24eefbcacb1, memberSize=2, lastMod=15/09/15 23:40:11 CEST, description=Description of cool community , createdBy=[Admin Connections, 0989A11C-D85F-0B59-C125-7E7C003FFAE6]}] (3)
CommunitiesService.unDeleteCommunity(“9b229afb-8034-4dff-93a7-d24eefbcacb1”) (4)
unDeleteCommunity request processed

(1) List of communities that were deleted prior to 20.4.2016

(2) List with all deleted communities

(3) uuid= copy

(4) Run unDeleteCommunity with uuid using 3

Policy for creating files and allowing community more space for files

500MB (including all versions) can be uploaded in a community using the default settings. In active communities, this limit is quickly reached and needs to be raised by the administrator.

Display of available libraries:

FilesLibraryService.browseCommunity(“title”,”true”,1, 100)

Create a 2GB policy (number too large for Integer, don’t forget L)

FilesPolicyService.add(“Test”, 2147483648L)

Copy the uuid from the community list or determine the uuid like you did in the instruction “Adding a user”!

Display all policies:

FilesPolicyService.browse(“title”, “true”, 1, 25)
[{maximumSize=524288000, title=!Default for Community Files, id=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001}, {maximumSize=524288000, title=!Default for Community Wikis, id=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000003}, {maximumSize=20971520, title=!Default for Guest Users, id=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000004}, {maximumSize=524288000, title=!Default for Non-Community Wikis, id=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000002}, {maximumSize=524288000, title=!Default for Personal Files, id=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}, {maximumSize=2147483648, title=Test, id=58d6add6-f55d-446e-abf5-c15a733bd662}]

# FilesLibraryService.assignPolicy(libraryId, policyId)
FilesLibraryService.assignPolicy(“9b229afb-8034-4dff-93a7-d24eefbcacb1″,”58d6add6-f55d-446e-abf5-c15a733bd662”) (1)

(1) 1st parameter uuid of community, 2nd parameter id of policy

After this operation, users are immediately able to add more files, without having to restart.

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