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ConnectionsExpert by panagendaThe entire panagenda team is pleased to present our newest solution for monitoring, analysis and adoption for IBM Connections at Social Connections 10 in Toronto!

Amongst many other talents, three internationally renowned IBM Connections experts, Femke Goedhart, Nico Meisenzahl and Christoph Stöttner are part of panagenda. Having joined forces with the panagenda GreenLight and iDNA teams, who also have many years of analytics and monitoring experience, a task force was created which developed the all new solution, ConnectionsExpert.

Under the slogan “from experts, for experts” panagenda introduces ConnectionsExpert, a comprehensive and high-quality application with an emphasis on analysis, monitoring and adoption of IBM Connections.

To give you a first impression, our online editorial staff interviewed Christoph Stöttner on the development process of ConnectionsExpert:


Christoph Stoettner, IBM Champion

Interview with Christoph Stoettner

Product Design Lead for ConnectionsExpert

On what idea is ConnectionsExpert based?
The idea was to find a compelling way in which to display a rich variety of information from IBM Connections – such as: are all applications running, are response times okay, is IBM Connections being used by users – without having to invest numerous days in installation, consulting or customizing.

What challenges had to be overcome during development?
Hmm good question, due to our awesome developers, time was the only challenge (laughs). The biggest
challenge was the visualization of the processed data so as to provide the user with a quick and compact overview. In order to measure the investment security of IBM Connections, we also visualize adoption rates.

Who benefits from using ConnectionsExpert?
Using ConnectionsExpert, administrators have the possibility to see whether IBM Connections is working as desired. End users benefit from noticeably smoother operations. Management, HR and the business benefit from insights into social adoption. All in all, ConnectionsExpert helps optimize total cost of ownership and the overall enterprise social business strategy.

Which aspect of ConnectionsExpert is your personal highlight?
The rapid installation and the quality of the data displayed has far exceeded my expectations. It was a lot of fun to extract and process the data from Connections.

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