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MarvelClient 5 ReleaseMarvelClient 5 is packed with new features and all-round improvements. We’ve already revealed quite a bit about the cloud functionalities in recent times with Zero Click Onboarding.

The innovations of MC 5 though, go far beyond the topic of cloud onboarding! Certain views from within the Analyze Database are now also visualized through charts, allowing for an even faster overview, for example of all Database ODS versions that are used in your business.

  • Recent Contacts – ensure that outdated e-mail addresses no longer appear in your users type-ahead
  • Registry Management – setup, change and removal of Windows Registry keys and values
  • File Operations – copy, move, delete, zip and unzip files and directories, including filter functions (MD5 Hash, Fingerprint, file size and more)
  • IBM Cloud Onboarding for Mail – setup a flexible and reliable Cloud Migration in just a few minutes

MC 5 also supports IPv6, from config.xml to actions and Analyze DB Views. When it comes to roaming, print settings are now also transferred along, and improved conditions allow for even more intelligent handling of your users network environment.

Important improvements were also made in the area of location and connection documents, replicator pages, user details/user mail file information, Citrix and Laptop detection, OnlineUpdate and much, much more!

As usual, you can find further details in the MC Help Database under Release Notes.

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