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Right before the holidays, we have an exciting product release coming up with ConnectionsExpert 1.2.

A central element of this release was to expand information on community usage and data  relevant to community managers.

Based on the great feedback on previous versions, we have also conducted some fine-tuning and managed to improve practically all charts and widgets. The new version allows for a lot more interaction with data visualization components and enables you to dive into even more details. Furthermore, we have expanded the historical analysis periods and clarified the distinction between internal and external content.

The filter and search functions have been improved and expanded throughout the product, including the Community Activity bubble chart (e.g. filtering by tags). Even in larger companies with thousands of communities, this allows for adoption managers to keep the overview.

The screenshot shows a drill-down of a community. At first glance you can see how many members are active, how many followers are members and can analyze exactly how a community is used.

Want to learn more about ConnectionsExpert 1.2? You can use the comments function below or contact us directly!

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