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Welcome to my series #panagedaPride published every Friday to feature members of our team that despite their highly professional demeanor also have awesome personalities. Today it is my pleasure to introduce Katrin to you!

  1. What’s your name and what exactly do you do with panagenda?
    My name is Katrin Pascher and I work in the Marketing Department. My focus lies on the website, the newsletter and conference organization in Europe and APAC, but as a team we work on a lot of our activities together.
  2. What’s one sure fire way to bring a smile to your face?
    I’m easily entertained and laugh and smile a lot, but when in doubt my husband is the one who helps bring back my smile at anytime.
  3. Describe the color yellow to somebody who is blind.
    Yellow is the warmth you feel on your face on a sunny day, it is the sound of a laugh from a little child and the smell of a blossoming rapeseed field in summer.
  4. Who is your childhood hero and why?
    Mulan. Aside from the fact that my friends and I still say “dishonor on your cow” when someone acts strangely, she was the first woman I recognized who wanted to help as well as achieve something on her own. I never was into that princess stuff. She taught me that having a strong opinion is good, but giving others the chance to show their way of thinking is also necessary.
  5. Who would win the battle: Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson vs Pinky & the brain and why?
    It depends on the aim of the battle. I’m SHER locked 😉 but let’s be realistic: Sherlock & Brain would solve riddles at high-speed while Dr. Watson & Pinky would go and drink some tea to exchange experiences. So in the end I’d say Dr. Watson and Pinky would win 😉
Katrin Pascher

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