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As announced, ConnectionsExpert 1.2 was released at the end of 2016 with the upgrade package ready for you to download!

What to expect? Top 5 reasons to start the upgrade of ConnectionsExpert 1.2 today:


Extended Analysis Period

Data beyond 30 day limit. Extremely useful for adoption experts and community managers to get a better picture of trends and how application usage evolves over time.


Community Details Page

New community activity details. This brand new component gives insight into community activity details and history. Assess how communities are used based on application or action (compose, read, etc.).


Community Ranking Lists

Advanced community sorting. See communities ranked and sorted according to KPIs, for instance active users, members or followers. Identify communities based on your own requirements rather than static templates.


Bubble Chart Community Filter

Find communities you need fast. Filter the communities in the bubble chart by title and tags. This is a great way to visually analyze community activity pinpoint the communities related to a specific topic.


Import of Usage History

Import history from Connections. Import existing application usage events from Connections. This new feature is especially beneficial in PoCs or demos, because you don’t start with an empty dashboard.

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