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This series of blogs should introduce our products to you from the perspective of those closest to them, their developers, product managers and consultants. Statistics and features are available on the product pages of our website but who is actually behind them? Today it is my pleasure to introduce Vincent to you!

What are you currently working and what is your specific role?
I am a Senior Frontend Developer and I primarily work on our products GreenLight and ConnectionsExpert. My role is to develop user-interfaces and visualizations for processed data. This requires close collaboration with the backend team and product managers to create meaningful representation of the data the backend outputs and develop interfaces to navigate and manage settings. I setup user-experience guidelines and devise color schemes and design templates to create a uniquely branded face for our software solutions.

On what idea is this ConnectionsExpert based?
The idea behind CE is to offer a versatile solution to visualize and understand an IBM Connections Environment. It offers system administrator as well as management and HR executives a structured and compact overview over the operation of IBM Connections as well as providing insights into the social adoption of their company.

What challenges had to be overcome during development CE?
The main challenge for me was to develop visual guidelines and components to give the user a simple yet comprehensive overview over the most important information and parameters. The colors in the charts help to distinguish between different applications as well as their health status and response times. If a problem arises somewhere in the environment the user must be visually alerted about the failing components.

Which aspect of ConnectionsExpert is your personal highlight?
My personal highlight is the Community Activity chart and the possibility to drill down into all the activity going on in a certain community. This offers a great way to monitor your community’s performance and the interaction going on in it. This helps community managers gain a good overview over the adoption of a certain community.

What optimizes your day?
I need music to get in the right mood. Usually I start with downbeat electronic music to get into a certain flow when I start programming. I increase the intensity to faster Indie Rock, Hip hop or even Techno during the day to energize my brain. Sometimes I’m on the retro wave and only listen to 80ies Synth-Pop or New Wave classics for days. Also I need caffeine to function but since I never managed to get a taste for coffee I resort to energy drinks or Mate-Tea.

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