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Heppenheim/Salzkotten, 14.03.2017

Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) have been experiencing a strong hype for many years and more and more companies are using solutions such as IBM Connections as central communication and collaboration technology. Although the demand for ESNs has been growing more slowly since 2012 due to market saturation, the topic of “social adoption” is becoming more and more important.

Naturally, the platforms should be used by all employees (quantitative target) and with regard to the company (qualitative target).

The strategic partnership between panagenda and hedersoft unites two specialists whose collaborative offering enables companies to meet the aforementioned quantitative and qualitative objectives as best as possible and to make IBM Connections the “Single Point of Information and Collaboration”.

panagenda iDNA provides email analysis data on communication groups and habits. IBM Connections Communities will serve as an ideal platform for the regular exchange of information once the members of these “email networks” have been moved. Version conflicts (e.g. files) are excluded and further discussion participants are simply included.

iDNA - AnalyticsSolutions

In order to determine IBM Domino applications that are particularly suitable for IBM Connections, hedersoft uses panagenda ApplicationInsights, which provides information about user groups, usage, type, and complexity of IBM Domino applications.

ApplicationInsights Logo

This information can be used directly by the company hedersoft using hs.Crawler to migrate database content into the most suitable IBM Connections applications or to permanently establish bi-directional connections between systems. hedersoft doesn’t only offer this for IBM Domino applications, but also for a variety of other software technologies (SAP, Jira, (No) SQL, REST API, etc.). This ensures that business content and processes are mapped to IBM Connections and ensure that the platform is not only an internal “Facebook”, but also the central hub for teamwork, collective enterprise knowledge and communication.

hs.Crawler by hedersoft

So as to provide a good service quality and further increase the use of the platform (and thus its value), IBM Connections experts worldwide use the solution panagenda ConnectionsExpert. From technical monitoring and simulations to deep analysis of community and application usage, ConnectionsExpert offers system administrators and social adoption managers a unique expert solution.


Together, panagenda and hedersoft help companies achieve the best possible use of IBM Connections.

Contact us for further information and product presentations.

Strategic alliance between panagenda and hedersoft

Arne Bergmann
panagenda Group, CSO


Henning Schmidt
hedersoft GmbH

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