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This series of blogs should introduce our products to you from the perspective of those closest to them, their developers, product managers and consultants. Statistics and features are available on the product pages of our website but who is actually behind them? Today it is my pleasure to introduce Michael to you!

What does your typical work day look like?
Considering I’m only in our office in Vienna once a week, my home office work normally starts with a coffee and checking my tasks in our project management tools. My work requires close collaboration and lots of communication with my Frontend Team Colleagues and with our Data Warehouse Team, which we do via conference calls. My daily development work is done with SQL, JavaScript and HTML.

What does your specific role with ApplicationInsights entail?
I am responsible for every kind of data visualization in ApplicationInsights. The fact that I’ve been a Lotus/IBM Notes/Domino Developer since the release of version 4.5, helps me a lot in understanding the collected data as well as finding helpful ways in which to visualize them within AI.

On what idea is ApplicationInsights based?
Having a Database Catalog application, going far beyond the possibilities of the Standard IBM Notes/Domino Database Catalog. As such, we not only show database properties, we show usage, we show design. Everything that is connected to a single database.

Who benefits from using ApplicationInsights?
Every Notes/Domino Administrator.
Every Notes/Domino Developer.
Every Administrator/Developer/Consultant/<Jobdescription here> involved in Migration Projects.

How do they benefit?
They literally know everything. About a single database instance. About the whole environment.

What can we expect from AI in future?
A lot 😉

Can you describe what ApplicationInsights does as an analogy to the hotel industry?
The equivalent to AI in the hotel industry would be the whole housekeeping team. It knows everything. Every room, every lamp, every storeroom, everything. It knows, where to find things, it knows how to fix things. It knows what the hotel guests ask for and it’s always nice and shiny 😉

Does AI offer something that similar products don’t?
It goes so much deeper in every aspect than similar products….

Which aspect of ApplicationInsights is your personal highlight??
Code Analysis and Code Insights. Seeing “bad” code at a glance and for all database applications in an environment is just – awesome.

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