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This series of blogs should introduce our products to you from the perspective of those closest to them, their developers, product managers and consultants. Statistics and features are available on the product pages of our website but who is actually behind them? Today it is my pleasure to introduce Daniel to you!

What does your role at panagenda require you to do?
I’m Director of Technical Account Management for panagenda Inc. based in Boston, MA, USA. My role is to coordinate the US consulting team and to provide consulting services around our portfolio. Of particular importance to me since having joined panagenda in 2011 is the product GreenLight, which continues to evolve on many different levels.

What does your typical day at work look like?
After getting up and having breakfast, I benefit from working at home which means there’s no commute other than a couple of steps or stairs.
Being 6 hours behind all my European colleagues, the first thing I do is catch up with emails, instant messages and IBM Connections (our Enterprise Social Network) to see what’s new and important for me. Every day is different but I spend a significant amount of time in remote web sessions to support, present and implement the panagenda solutions GreenLight, MarvelClient, ApplicationInsights and SecurityInsider. Synchronizing with the Sales department and the European colleagues then usually sums up the day.

Can you describe what GreenLight does as an analogy to the hotel industry? 
GreenLight would probably be one of the world’s best concierges. They can identify your needs without you even expressing them. In a Berlin hotel, I once approached the front door to head outside, not realizing it was raining. While waiting on the elevator to get an umbrella from my room, the concierge tapped me on my shoulder and said “No need to waste your time going back to your room” while offering me an umbrella. Now, even though it wasn’t hard for him to guess what I wanted, he paid attention, sensed it correctly and provided a quick solution to my problem. That’s what GreenLight does all the time. Its sensors are permanently watching your environment and either take preventive measures or alarm you before it rains down on you.

Does this product offer something that similar products don’t?
Similar to other solutions we offer, GreenLight comes with an integrated data warehouse, an SQL database that stores all of the collected data. The administrator can decide how long that data should be kept where the only factor influencing this decision is diskspace. For many projects, whether consolidations, configuration changes, server upgrades (hardware or software) and many more, customers benefit from having vast historical data to zoom into. By knowing how certain statistics looked some days, weeks or months ago, before changes were applied, they see exactly how they affected the environment. The possibility of comparing any collected statistic using the integrated GreenLight reporting engine is also a quite unique aspect.

GreenLight allows customers to receive insights, alarms and reports on a countless variety of things they are interested in. It is GreenLight’s flexibility and the level of detail though, that our customers enjoy when compared to other available monitoring solutions.

Who benefits from using GreenLight?
Everyone running a server infrastructure. So actually, pretty much everyone 🙂 can highly benefit from GL (GreenLight) capabilities. Even though GreenLight was originally designed to monitor Lotus Domino infrastructures, it has significantly evolved over the past years into a sophisticated monitoring and reporting solution. Thanks to Linux Shell script and Powershell extensions, GreenLight is able to provide deep insights to, as well as monitor and report on, not only IBM Collaboration solutions like Domino, Sametime, Traveler or BlackBerry Enterprise Server but also Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, Sharepoint and other systems.

What can we expect from GL in future?
While GreenLight will continue to evolve into the direction of Microsoft portfolio monitoring and reporting, HTML5 GUI reworks are planned for a future release as well. A new Docker monitoring sensor will already be part of the next release, targeting upcoming solutions like IBM Pink.

What optimizes your day?
The opportunity to switch off from work to reboot myself is important, however difficult it may be. A long time ago I discovered that music helps with this reboot process. Although I haven’t played my instruments since living in the US, I’ve become an active singer. I participate in more than one of the Harvard University choruses in Cambridge, performing in a few concerts over the course of the year. There are one or two rehearsals a week to prepare for the concerts and these days are always my favorite.

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