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Welcome to my series #panagedaPride published every second Friday to feature members of our team that despite their highly professional demeanor also have awesome personalities. Today it is my pleasure to introduce Lukas to you!

  1. What’s your name and what exactly do you do with panagenda?
    My name is Lukas Thoma and I am responsible for technical communication at panagenda. This includes product documentation and the support of the panagenda marketing team in all technical matters.
  2. What’s your favorite ’90s jam?
    Nine Inch Nails – We’re In This Together. This was my first thought and after deep reflection, which included listening to a few songs, I once again landed with NIN. I then had to listen to the song 10 times to get it out of my head. So a very definitive answer, it seems.
  3. How was your driving test?
    When approaching the highway, I forgot to indicate when merging. This was immediately clear to me and I was sure that I had failed. The instructor then actually gave me another chance and when merging, again I forgot to indicate. Nevertheless, I passed the exam, which came as quite a surprise. To indicate when merging onto the highway doesn’t seem to be particularly important. Makes sense really, where else would I merge to other than onto the highway? 🙂
  4. Hardcover or softcover books? Why?
    Softcover! They are much cheaper. Most of the time I even wait for the paperback version before I buy a book. As they say, patience is a virtue 😉
  5. Who would win the battle: Alice in Wonderland vs Little Red Riding Hood and why?
    Little Red Riding Hood. Alice seems too preoccupied with herself.

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