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About me

My name is Sabrina, am 16 years old and attend the Commercial College in Gänserndorf, Austria. Having completed the school year with excellent success as class best for the second time, I will graduate into 3rd grade after the summer holidays. I am particularly interested in the business subjects with specific focus on accounting and business administration. My favorite foreign language is French, which I have been learning for four years. After I complete my diploma examination, I would like to either study or move straight into a professional career in an office.

My start at panagenda

Throughout July I participated in a practical internship at panagenda. I applied as an intern here because panagenda is an international, large company and I am very interested in IT. Their products and solutions already fascinated me on their website. Although panagenda was not looking for any interns, I was invited to an interview by Sandra Fritzer-Posch, who shortly afterwards welcomed me for the month of July.

Sabrina Schüller

July 3rd was not only the first holiday from school but also my first day working at panagenda. I remember the thousands of things that were going through my head and how extremely nervous I was as a result. This is my first internship so I am collecting my first experiences of a professional life. My greatest concern was whether I could complete my tasks to a satisfactory standard. As it turns out, there was no reason for concern but I guess being nervous is just a part of the experience.

Finance – the first experiences with SAP

During the first two weeks, I was in the Finance department where I worked a lot with SAP. As we only learned BMD at school, I knew nothing about SAP was very shocked at how different the structure of the two programs are from one another. Even so, I was able complete some tasks myself and amongst other things, was permitted to print invoices and receipts as well as complete customer data. I was also able shadow both colleagues Julia Röder and Petar Mistridelovic to witness, for instance, the compilation of expense reports and the accounting of invoices. In doing so, the individual steps were explained to me in detail and I learned a lot new things about accounting.

teamwork at panagenda

I was also able to assist Karin Rasl with bookkeeping, which in practice, differs greatly from the theory we learned at school. For instance, when bookkeeping in school, we write the individual booking rates on paper. At the end of the year we have what feels like 700 sheets of paper in our folders, which we’re also expected to memorize. Although it bookkeeping at panagenda was quite demanding, I think I mastered it quite well.

My tasks in the marketing department

The first two weeks having flown by, I was then allowed to join the marketing department for the last two weeks. Already on the first day I was involved in the creation of a newsletter and realized quickly that there is much more work involved than one thinks.

Another task was testing whether all links on the website worked. This was particularly time consuming as I had to click through not only the German site but also the English. The effort paid off though, as I found a few mistakes that were then immediately fixed by Marwan Maghrabi. Together we made sure that the website functioned smoothly.

writing at panagenda

Already on the third day in the marketing department, Rene Dobner, the marketing director and Katrin Pascher provided an extensive to-do list for the next three days. Among other things I had the task to also test the links of the Knowledge Base and to note my impressions of the partner websites. Everybody was visibly surprised after I finished testing the K-base in less than two hours – I’m just used to working quickly without compromising on quality.

The biggest challenge: Blogpost

The third and probably most challenging point of this to-do list was to create my own blog entry. The exact task was “Blogpost: topic + text till Friday…” (having received the list on Wednesday) “…with technical implementation the following week.” Katrin gave me a crash course in WordPress on Monday morning in order to design and create the content on the test page myself.

Rene asked me if I would be up to writing my own blog post and even though I quickly said yes, I was initially unsure if and how I would manage this. Within a short period of time however, the task gre on me and to be honest, it wasn’t so bad. The topic was quickly found and practicing my writing skills was a good exercise.

working at panagenda

A nice internship comes to an end

I was happy to be so well received in the panagenda team. At first I was really surprised that there is such a pleasant working environment. I really feel that everyone understands each other extremely well and whether in the morning or evening, when stressed or relaxed, at panagenda there is always something to laugh about. This made working here much more fun and already on my way home, I was looking forward to the next day.

During my time at panagenda, I was able to implement and deepen the knowledge and skills acquired in school. I very much enjoyed the introduction into the working world through the many different activities that I completed when working for these two departments. Marketing and finance interested me the most and this has not changed for the future. I have gained a lot of new experiences and would like to thank the dear staff that allowed for this extremely pleasant and fun time here. I’m sure to look back to it fondly and regularly.

Internship at panagenda

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