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This series of blogs should introduce our products to you from the perspective of those closest to them, their developers, product managers and consultants. Statistics and features are available on the product pages of our website but who is actually behind them? Today it is my pleasure to introduce Mario to you!

What does your role require you to do?

I’m the lead developer for the iDNA backend and responsible for the technical coordination of the product.

What does your typical day at work look like?

Like most developers I start my day with a cup of coffee. After that … I get myself another one. After I’m done with the preparations for the day, I start doing some organizational stuff to get warmed up. Digging up some unintended features (aka bugs) and working on a new feature usually comes next. Some five coffee breaks later, the day is almost over and I get to some organizational stuff once more.

On what idea is iDNA based?

The idea behind iDNA is pretty simple: it was developed to help customers make decision about their Domino environment based on hard data. Understanding your environment, even if it’s only a handful of servers, is not an easy task. iDNA tries to help with that.

What challenges had to be overcome during its development?

Testing. As a rather small company we didn’t (and still don’t) have 100 Domino servers and 20k clients accessing them. In order to make sure iDNA still performs with larger customers, we had to develop ways to test it with huge amounts of data and different Domino/Notes versions.

Who benefits from using iDNA?

Anyone who wants to really understand their Domino environment and make decisions based on hard data not gut feelings.

Which aspect of iDNA is your personal highlight?

Basically, it’s the way that millions of data-sets from (up to) hundreds of servers and thousands of clients get reduced to a single chart that simply states: “Here’s something interesting, take a look at it”.

What can we expect from this product in future?

As with all of our products, iDNA is constantly evolving and getting smarter. But don’t worry, we will stop it before it turns into Skynet.

What optimizes your day?

Coffee, lots of coffee. Besides that, a buttload of internal tools we can use to organize our day/products/communication.

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