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Welcome to my series #panagedaPride published every second Friday to feature members of our team that despite their highly professional demeanor also have awesome personalities. Today it is my pleasure to introduce Francie to you!

  1. What’s your name and what exactly do you do with panagenda?

    My name is Francie and I create growth and connect people with technology. I do that by building strategic alliances and spread the panagenda message through marketing and business development. I also speak at conferences, which is a blast!

  2. What do you consider the greatest invention EVER!?!?

    I would have to answer duct tape here, for about 2000 reasons, including what duct tape means to me = creating something from nothing, being resourceful in the absence of material things!.

  3. What would you do if you had no electricity for three days?

    Ha, this one is easy, I’d go to the Caribbean island where we used to live for a week at the time with no electricity or water. Then I’d go to the beach 🙂

  4. Who would win the battle: Power Rangers vs Ninja Turtles and why?

    I know nothing about Power Rangers but I once hand-made ninja turtle outfits for my 4 kids (why else have so many?) who love pizza, so I’ll go with Ninja Turtles 🙂


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