Video: panagenda ApplicationInsights Setup Tutorial

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In this setup tutorial, you will learn how to implement and configure ApplicationInsights in your environment. Franz Walder, Product Manager for the panagenda Analytics Solution portfolio, will show you everything you need to know in just 37 minutes.

Find out,

  • how to deploy the ApplicationInsights image in VMWare vSphere, VMWare Workstation, and Microsoft HyperV
  • how the configuration works in the virtual appliance (Linux) (from approx. minute 12)
  • which settings you need to carry out in the web interface: License, Notes ID File, Server Discovery, Content Packages (from approx. minute 22)

Franz Walder,
Product Manager

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  • John Vanderhoff

    Wonderful presentation. My install went as smooth as glass. It is hard for someone who knows a product cold to explain it concisely to someone who is new. Thak you.

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