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panagenda is proud to announce the upcoming version 1.5 of ApplicationInsights, scheduled for the end of September 2017. It brings a ton of new features and bug fixes as well as great and small performance improvements.

We want to use this opportunity to highlight two of the most anticipated features: Custom Insights and Usage by Department.

Custom Insights

This feature takes the solution’s existing insights to a new level. It allows for the formation of rule sets, which in turn provide the framework for the creation of custom code patterns and insights. These rule sets can be imported, exported or shared, offering the perfect platform for customers and partners to exchange experience and expertise. Keep an eye on panagenda’s blog for more information and the first new rule sets to import!

Furthermore, the development of this feature has allowed for the addition of a new user interface for code pattern creation in order to conduct full-text searches of your entire source code.

Usage by Department

Database usage is a core topic in ApplicationInsights. With this next step in the topic’s evolution we offer even more value by combining usage data with HR information. The exceedingly difficult task of identifying application owners suddenly becomes almost trivial. Browse through the organizational structure and identify who are the content creators in an application and who merely consumes information created by others.

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