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ApplicationInsights 1.5 has been released and offers many exciting new features for you and your company. Furthermore, version 1.5 also delivers significant performance enhancements, usability improvements, and significant workflow simplifications at all levels.

The most important features at a glance:

  • In the Custom Insights section, you have the flexibility to customize ApplicationInsights. Not only can you create your own rulesets, insights and patterns, but you can also export, import and even share them with the community!
  • Code Search is linked to Custom Insights, but brings extensive added value in itself. Code Search allows you to perform full-text searches in your company’s ENTIRE code base – even if your environment is huge!
  • You’ve found what you were looking for in Code Search? Then click on the “Open In Domino Designer” link to open the design element directly in the IBM Domino Designer. You can find more information in this blogpost.
  • In the database details of version 1.5, the usage can also be viewed by department. The Usage by Department feature makes it easier, for instance, to identify application owners. By analyzing which departments create content and which only read a database, you have the necessary background information made available.
  • The Similarity section has been extended through the template candidates function. Based on master templates referenced in a cluster of databases, template candidates are proposed.

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Arne Bergmann