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Knowledge is all the more valuable when shared. That is why we want to make our knowledge accessible to you, overcoming obstacles like time zones and full calendars. On our website you will find an overview of all panagenda webinars, Live and On Demand.

Take a look at this page from time to time and find exciting content that can be flexibly integrated into your calendar. An overview of upcoming webinars will help you to register for our live webinars.

Live Webinars

  • Immediate answers to your questions
  • Up-to-date information
  • Time-bound

On Demand Webinars

  • Always available
  • Rewatchable
  • No immediate answers to questions


You can already navigate many of our products with their own category in the navigation to find webinars that deal with a specific part of our solutions or solve a particular problem. Over time, you’ll find more and more videos to help you get more out of your IT environment. In the near future, we will also expand the range to “Expertise”, with webinar topics, which also offer special value for non-panagenda customers.

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