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This series of blogs should introduce our products to you from the perspective of those closest to them, their developers, product managers and consultants. Statistics and features are available on the product pages and respective videos on the webinar page of our website, but who is actually behind them? Today it is my pleasure to introduce Nico to you!

What does your role require you to do?

My name is Nico Meisenzahl. I am part of the consulting team and mainly work in projects related to IBM Connections. I also support our customers with questions about our product ConnectionsExpert.

What does your typical day at work look like?

I rarely have a regular workday. As a consultant, I’m mostly out and about, whether on site with a customer or at conferences. When I’m not on the road I work from home on my projects (with customers as well as internal ones). When doing home office, I usually start around 8 o’clock – but that’s the only typical thing.

Can you tell us more about your IBM Connections projects?

My projects are concerned with technical aspects such as the implementation of new IBM Connections environments as well as their adaptation, integration or performance-tuning. They range from smaller reviews to long-term engagements.

Can you provide an example of how ConnectionsExpert supports you in your projects?

Using the Files Library Utilization widget, the library load is analyzed in order to better adjust the quotas to the needs of the customer. Also, you have a quick overview of the libraries that are about to reach or have already exceeded their quota by using the dashboard or the Files Library List widget. With this information, you can contact the user or simply increase the quota before they are no longer able to work with the File application. This prevents many support tickets.

On what idea is ConnectionsExpert based?

ConnectionsExpert is designed to help generate more value from your own Connections environment. By generating visual representations of your Connections environment’s usage and other insights for instance, ConnectionsExpert can support your own adoption processes.

Who benefits from the use of this product?

Everyone can benefit from ConnectionsExpert. Administrators can check the health status of their environment using the dashboard whereas management, HR and adoption facilitators can verify important KPIs.

What aspect of this product is your personal highlight?

My personal highlight is the Community Activity Bubble Chart. This widget is perfect to get a quick overview of all communities. By clicking on the Community Details page however, you can get specific analyzes on a particular community.

What optimizes your day?

After having been on-site with customers or on holidays, I really enjoy my calls with colleagues to catch up on current issues and to hear about how they were resolved. And coffee 😉

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