Video: Custom Ruleset Creation in ApplicationInsights

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In this video, Henning Kunz introduces our new “Custom Insights” feature released in ApplicationInsights version 1.5.

“Insights”, as the name suggests, provides valuable intelligence into the entire code base of your IBM Notes Domino environment and are grouped into “Rulesets”. Built-in Rulesets for specific topics such as operating system or mail dependencies are already integrated into the product.

In addition to these panagenda Rulesets, you can now create your own insights and patterns based on strings or regular expressions. Grouped into custom Rulesets, these are matched against the code base of your Domino applications and surfaced both in the catalog and the dashboard. This video shows an example where we are looking for all the code paths in an application that explicitly contain the top level certifier “/panagenda” or “/O=panagenda”.

Henning Kunz

Henning Kunz,
CEO panagenda Consulting

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