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This series of blogs should introduce our products to you from the perspective of those closest to them, their developers, product managers and consultants. Statistics and features are available on the product pages and respective videos on the webinar page of our website, but who is actually behind them? Today it is my pleasure to re-introduce Stefan (from the #panagendaPride Interview) to you!

What does your role require you to do?

I am Product Manager of GreenLight. In addition to this role, I also act as a Senior Consultant for our customers.

On what idea is this product based?

At its core, GreenLight is based on implementing IT infrastructure monitoring regardless of the target system you would like to monitor.

Who benefits from using GreenLight?

IT infrastructure administrators.

How do they benefit?

With real-time events, the administrator immediately knows which area of the infrastructure has a problem. With GreenLight it is often the case that the admin notices the problem before the first user reports it.

Which aspect of GreenLight is your personal highlight?

The generic sensors a’la Linux Shell Script sensor as well as REST API sensor. With the help of these two generic sensors you cover all those areas that might not be covered by the native sensors

Can you provide a concrete solution this product offer?

An administrator would like to be informed immediately, if for instance the file upload / download to IBM Connections does not work. Traditional sensors often only check backend components (are applications running, etc .). With GL and a Linux Shell Script sensor, a complete file upload / download simulation (end user simulation) can be performed.

What can we expect from this product in the future?

Planned for Q4 2017, the backend technology will completely change with the version 3.5. GreenLight will then run based on Docker Images.

Can you describe what this product does as an analogy to the hotel industry?

No, I can’t 🙂

Does this product offer something that similar products don’t?

We let the customer decide which statistics they consider valuable and relevant by not restricting them for instance to the top 50 statistics. This starts with the IBM Domino statistics and goes even further to the Microsoft Performance Counters. Each customer has different requirements so we do not want to limit anyone, but offer a maximum in value.

What does your typical day at work look like?

I’m a typical early bird, so my day at the office usually starts at 7 o’clock. After reviewing my calendar to know exactly what’s on today’s agenda, I check for support tickets from the previous day to distribute to the software developers if necessary. Daily stand-up calls with the developers to discuss exactly which tasks are currently being worked on is another element in my daily routine. The rest of the day usually involves pre-sales calls or consulting web sessions with customers as well as product management tasks. Throughout these tasks, I mostly need two to three coffees 🙂

What optimizes your day? 

A structured daily routine although this is often influenced by ad-hoc activities 🙂

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