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Welcome to my series for 2018 called DeskTales where I walk around the office and take photos of seemingly random things on my colleagues’ desks and ask them WHAT THE…?!


Considering it’s a new series, I will bare it all (no pun intended) and hope other “interesting” tales follow. This measuring tape was spotted on my desk and my lovely colleagues jumped to the wildest conclusions. Do you belong to the Kingsmen? Are you personally tailoring our work clothes now? And some statements of a more … personal nature 🙂 So I decided clarification was long overdue.

Who gave it to you?

The measuring tape is from my Mum’s old sewing kit that I have confiscated. It’s lying on my desk because I have a road bike. A hobby that requires clothing that should fit as well as possible. Each brand has a different cut so before ordering cycling bibs or a jersey, I measure the necessary dimensions e.g. arm length, waist, inside leg, back length etc. before sealing the deal.

What do you think of when looking at it?

It’s off season now so it reminds me to keep an eye out for good deals. If anyone has any links, please send them to me 🙂

What feelings does it trigger in you?

Well, it automatically makes me think about cycling, which motivates me to get back on my bike (64km in 2018 so far 😉 #winter ). Each time I’m on my bike I feel both the need to challenge myself but also the sheer joy for being outside in the sun (though not so much at this time of the year) and exercising.

What would you replace it with if you had to?

The measuring tape or cycling? The former: I guess another measuring tape 🙂 The latter: I don’t think I would ever replace it with anything. I might do it in addition to other things but I doubt I would give it up completely. I started cycling because more and more of my friends started buying road bikes. They kept organising trips together and sharing amazing experiences. After having to give up running due to an injury to my ankle, I may as well follow the trend and get myself a bike. After all, it’s also a good way to reach the office and start the day full of energy 😉

When did you get it?

It was the summer of ’69 … ah, I mean 2016. So not that long. But ever since, I’ve discovered that quite a few panagendians also ride. So we organise outings from the office every so often – in Spring hopefully more regularly. As you can see in the photo, Karin, Xaver, Felix and I enjoyed a nice 60km cruise together 🙂

When do you need it most?

After Christmas and New Years it seems. At least from a physical perspective. I rarely get a cold but sure enough, 31st December: runny nose, sore throat, the whole shebang. I put it down to a lack of exercise. I felt a bit unfit over the winter so I decided to jump back on my bike at a crisp 6 degrees Celsius and once again ride into work. It made all the difference! As I mentioned, riding is awesome for social interaction but it’s also great if I just need time to myself. Just pumping away at the asphalt and clearing my head with every meter.

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