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Welcome to my series for 2018 called DeskTales where I walk around the office and take photos of seemingly random things on my colleagues’ desks and ask them WHAT THE…?!


This drawing was spotted on Michael “Hafi” Hafner’s desk and I wanted to know where his artistic skills came from.

What is it?

“Pink Flafi Junicorn”

Why do you have it on your desk?

A picture drawn by my daughter, Lara when she spent a day in the office with me. Although she can barely speak English, she tried to find a way to write “Pink Fluffy Unicorn” based on its German pronunciation 😉

What do you think of when looking at it?

On one hand of course of the day Lara spent in the office where she challenged Christian (Böhm) on the Nintendo Switch and how she just wandered through the individual offices speaking to my colleagues. On the other hand, it makes me think of Pink Fluffy Unicorns song on YouTube.

What does it represent?

It represents my daughter and how much fun I have with her. The “Pink Fluffy Unicorn” song is like our official unofficial anthem.

What feelings does it trigger in you?


What would you replace it with if you had to?

Only a new picture drawn by Lara

When did you get it?

Fall 2017

When do you need it most?

“Need” is wrong the word in this case. I just feel good when looking at it.

Where else in your life do you have something similar?

In my home office. There are a lot more little works of art hanging there 😉

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