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Welcome to my series for 2018 called DeskTales where I walk around the office and take photos of seemingly random things on my colleagues’ desks and ask them WHAT THE…?!


Sharing Nico Meisenzahl’s home office, there was one little thing that caught my eye…

I see a table tennis table going to waste here. What do you do if you want to play?

Can’t. The room is too small. 😉 It’s from my childhood about 20 years ago. Next to the house we lived in, we rented a closed off courtyard. Ideal for bobby car, basketball, football, table tennis – pretty much everything! As we got older, we didn’t use the courtyard anymore who moved the table tennis table into a corner in the cellar.

20 years?! The net might give away it’s age but the table itself looks in pretty good nick.

Yeah. I’d moved out of home quite some time earlier and because I was moving again, I thought I’d need a desk. Before there wasn’t enough space for one. At some point I stumbled across the table tennis table. Considering it was in the way and had to go anyway, we had the brilliant idea to use it as a desk: which included transporting it over 500km and lugging it up to the third floor.

500km? How did you manage that? It’s not really something you can just strap to the roof.

We moved using a horse float, which we “hired” for weekend along with my uncle, to whom it belonged. 😉 The bigger challenge was carrying the table tennis table through the stairwell up to the third floor.

What handiwork contributed to it becoming a suitable desk?

At first, we thought about lowering it but considering there’s only a couple of centimeters difference to an actual desk, it was almost perfect as is.

When I saw the picture, the first thing I noticed were the number of laptops. Considering you just accepted a voluntary position at Social Connections, my first thought was that you had changed seats according to which hat you were wearing at the time.

No, I used to rarely work from home. Back then I only had one laptop and a smaller monitor. My girlfriend, Laura, used the rest of the table to work on her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Once she finished her studies and started working, I kept spreading out as she barely used the space anymore.

I can also make out some more modern items in the room. Is your household a bit of a mix of ecological recycling and modern gadgets?

A little. Our bench at the dining table in our living room is an old vaulting horse from a gymnastics hall. In fact, this is where a little handiwork came into play, rebuilding it for additional storage space. Now you can open it to find our …. umm, “wine cellar”. 😉 But yes, you’ll also find one or the other tech knick-knack in the rooms

You mentioned before that the room is too small to use the entire table. Would you keep it if you were to move again?

Yes, definitely! If there is enough space, we’d open it completely so that each of us had half of the table to work on together.

Or would you start spreading out even more?

No, the net in the middle would prevent me from doing so. 😉

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