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A major release of our analytics and monitoring solution for IBM Connections is nearing its completion, bringing exciting new features for data analysts, community managers and administrators.

Alerts and notifications

Alerts and notifications contribute to more efficient processes at the analytics level. Owners of a given community can, for instance, be notified if there has been no activity recorded for a longer period. In the quite common event that a community no longer has an owner, your organization can react immediately.

ConnectionsExpert 2.0 quickly detects problems with the underlying infrastructure and notifies the responsible administrators by means of alerts or notifications. This operational monitoring enhancement enables you to respond to technical incidents before they harm your productive Connections users.

ConnectionsExpert 2.0 Preview

Business Intelligence Enablement

Many companies these days already use Business Intelligence (BI) solutions such as Tableau or Power BI. These tools will now be able to access the ConnectionsExpert data warehouse via API so that data scientists can visualize and analyze all IBM Connections metrics in their familiar environment.

Management and Social Adoption consultants also benefit from version 2.0 without a third-party solution through individualized dashboards and analyzes. In addition to the reports and views known from previous releases, ConnectionsExpert 2.0 includes a highly customizable charting and reporting platform.

IBM Connections Widgets

The new release allows community managers to have direct access to the Community Analytics Dashboards. These are available as a widget within IBM Connections from ConnectionsExpert version 2.0. This means you will no longer need to consult the ConnectionsExpert admin to analyze your communities in detail. All the information is just a click away:

We are looking forward to showing you the new features in ConnectionsExpert at IBM Think 2018. Visit us at booth 752!

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