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Welcome to my series for 2018 called DeskTales where I walk around the office and take photos of seemingly random things on my colleagues’ desks and ask them WHAT THE…?!


This snow globe was spotted on Katrin Pascher’s desk and I wanted to know where it came from.

What is it?

My dragon always sits in his snow globe under one of my monitors. One might think it’s just decoration. That’s only partially true.

Why do you have a dragon no your desk?

It’s a bit sad to admit, but the truth is that the dragon never made it out of the office. He’s here because he belongs here. Considering how much time one spends in the office, you always bring a little of your own personality into your work. As such it never actually crossed my mind to put him elsewhere, especially as he was a present. Evil tongues claim that at times I can be a bit of a dragon myself. The fact that this was said to my face though, speaks against this theory.

Who gave him to you?

A colleague! It was a gift, though I’m pretty sure he doesn’t realize how much the little dragon means to me. This colleague and I have worked together quite often over the past years, which doesn’t mean that we always saw eye to eye. But that’s exactly why the dragon is so dear to me.

What do you think of when you look at the dragon?

Did you know that Vienna is famous for its original snow globes? No? Nor did I even though I live here – at least till the day this colleague visited the office and thought of me while on a sightseeing tour on which it’s possible to have a snow globe made from a myriad of little figurines. That means he chose this specific figurine for me. It always makes me think that external influences are necessary to discover something new, sometimes things that have been right in front of your eyes the whole time. Nobody knows absolutely everything. It’s just nice to know that there is always something new to discover.

What does the dragon represent?

It says a lot to me that we just exchange gifts within panagenda for no apparent reason. This dragon represents that you don’t always have to have the same opinion to grow. On the contrary: Although we regularly offer constructive criticism within the team and are in fact often our own harshest critics, really motivates me to work. As such, he simply represents collegiality.

What would you replace him with if you had to?

The answer is: No. 😉

When do you need him the most?

Whenever something isn’t going according to plan. Then I remind myself that everything will be OK.

Where else in your life do you have something similar?

I have many little things that remind me of people and that put me in a good mood, although there is one thing that my colleague didn’t know when he gave me the dragon: I love dragons and have done so since my earliest adolescence. I especially like the symbolism behind them. Intelligence, strength and grace in one?  I guess that’s why they’re mythical creatures… unless you believe my colleagues as they work with one every day 😉

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