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panagenda ConnectionsExpert version 2.0 is jam-packed with improvements and new features. Many of them were requested by our customers and partners. Here are a few highlights:

Analyze and Visualize Participation

Our analytics API enables Adoption Specialists to ask their own questions and share findings the way they choose. It has never been easier to access our data with Excel or business analytics tools, such as Tableau or Power BI.

  • Activity per region and department
  • Trending communities and content
  • Flexible dashboards and reporting

Empowering Community Managers

Two new IBM Connections widgets for Community Managers make analytics available right where they are needed most: in the hands of your community leaders, the champions and advocates of your IBM connections platform.

  • Interactive history of user activity
  • KPIs on participation patterns
  • Comparing usage across communities

Flexible Alerts and Notifications

With the introduction of alerts for Administrators and notifications for Community Managers, you now have the opportunity to act before issues arise. The flexible system also allows the creation of custom alerts. Here are useful examples for your IBM Connections environment:

Operational Alerts:

  • Declining end user performance
  • Application performance history
  • File library size maintenance

Community Notifications:

  • Owner management simplification
  • Trend updates on user activity
  • Life cycle management support

Beyond the New Features

New releases are always exciting, but these highlights only continue the success story that panagenda ConnectionsExpert has written with our customers. Here is what this solution is all about, in a nutshell:

  • Measure user engagement and support adoption
  • Make the value of IBM Connections tangible
  • Improve operations and quality of service

Get it all

Visit our knowledge base for a comprehensive list of new features, improvements and bug fixes in the ConnectionsExpert version 2.0 release notes.

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