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KnowledgeNuggets – July 2018

This month’s collection covers Connections Windows Plugins, WebSpehere, and Connections PINK.

July is the month we launched our new series “KnowledgeNuggets” where our experts share their knowledge that does not directly relate to the panagenda realm but is still of interest to you.
As they say, the noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.
This is our contribution:

Connections PINK authentication

The following example uses Orient Me. The same authentication is also used for the Connections Customizer UI (/appreg).
Elasticsearch Metrics is using a different approach by using BLUE authentication in the frontend and client certificate authentication in the backend.

Authentication steps:
1. A user accesses Connections and will be redirected to Orient Me based on the rewrite Rules and setting
2. Orient Me will then redirect them to BLUE (/homepage/login) for authentication
3. The user authenticates with BLUE based on Single Sign-On (LTPA, Kerberos) or credentials and gets a LtpaToken and JSESSIONID cookie
4. After authentication BLUE will request a Bearer token (/social/auth/token) from PINK
5. BLUE then redirects the request back to PINK (/social)
6. PINK checks for the Bearer Token as well as LtpaToken, JSESSIONID. If not present, the request will be redirected to BlUE (Step 2)
7. After those checks, PINK authorizes the User after a last check against the Profiles API

Author: Nico Meisenzahl

KnowledgeNuggets July

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    Christoph Stoettner has experiences with the IBM (Lotus) ICS / ESS portfolio since 2000. Christoph joined panagenda in 2015 as Senior Consultant for IBM Connections, lives in Bavaria and is a frequent speaker at technical conferences in Europe and the United States.  His main tasks are Deployments, Optimizations (Performance Tuning, Single Sign On) and Monitoring of IBM Connections and IBM Domino. He started the OpenNTF Project “Administration Scripts for WebSphere” with a collection of useful scripts for IBM WebSphere, IBM Connections and DB2 installation, configuration and troubleshooting. Christoph is awarded as an IBM Champion and in the Organization team for Social Connections 9 and 10.

      Nico Meisenzahl is a Consultant at panagenda since 2016 and lives in Germany. He is working with the ICS portfolio since 2008. His focus is on IBM Connections, IBM Domino, IBM Traveler and the underlying backend products. Nico is a speaker at conferences and user group events in Europe and the United States. He is also a frequent blogger. He’s also IBM Champion, loves Linux, Mac & Docker and his desk is a ping pong table.

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