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Webinar Series

Lately we have built the healthy habit of repeating our sessions from conferences as webinars to give customers and partners the opportunity to once more ask questions live as well as share the recordings with colleagues. Considering the number of conferences this year, we’ve strategically released these webinars in order to prevent an information overload and for speakers to cater to the growing interest and demand in our products and services.

To make sure that you don’t miss out though, we have put together a page that lists all 2018 conferences that panagenda has been a part of so far as well as those we will definitely attend. With an overview of conferences and respective sessions at the top of the page, you can click on any session title to navigate to that session’s abstract, webinar recording and slide deck. In the event that a session was held at more than one conference, the most recent webinar recording and session slides will be embedded.  The only webinars that will not be made available are those sessions that contain sensitive or third-party information for which we do not have rights to post or if the event was a workshop that required on-site attendance. You are welcome you to contact the speakers directly if you questions to these.

We hope you enjoy our 2018 conference webinar series and look forward to your feedback and questions and hope to organize a personal demonstration tailored to your individual needs.

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