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Time is relative, right? We can’t believe that CollabSphere was already over a month ago. As a frequent sponsor, we’re used to presenting within a limited timeframe. In this year’s CollabSphere though, a presentation of a somewhat different kind was requested:

Please use 10 quotes of “Back to the Future”.

A challenge we gladly accepted and one that made it even more interesting for everybody involved.

What’s one to do when you have to incorporate 80s movie quotes into a four-minute presentation about your software solutions? Sounds like a funny 240 seconds, right? Fortunately, we know how to combine the best of the past and the future. We have the actual footloose – pardon – footage, of what happened on stage.


P.S.: Missed our sessions at CollabSphere 2018? Take a look at our Conference Webinar Series 2018!

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