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Especially, enterprises with a globally spread workforce feel the need for a central point of truth and information where data accumulated from all geographic regions is ready for analysis. This allows for a prompt reaction time to potentially critical issues.

As companies grow, however, it becomes progressively more difficult to accumulate data from an increasing amount of locations in order for them to be analyzed centrally.

Having an automated system that collects data to a central location, drastically simplifies the administrative tasks. Individual log-ins to different sources such as are no longer necessary.

Getting started is easier than you think

With OfficeExpert´s central monitoring and analytics appliance and its decentralized simulation bot architecture, this can be implemented in an instant. Having done so, application usage, mail flow, Azure AD Connect Sync simulation, network probes etc. start populating the appliance’s data warehouse. You can even connect the virtual appliance with on-premises servers to collect even more data.

Yes, it’s totally secure

All analysis and monitoring data is processed and visualized from within the virtual appliance so that no data needs to leave the appliance and therefore your premises.

It is important to panagenda that you can freely decide about quantity, functionality and location when it comes to performing simulations with on-premises servers, Office 365 cloud applications and even between simulation bots (e.g. Skype for Business Bot Conference).

All decentral simulation bots report their results back into the central appliance. You then know about the true Quality of Service within the respective locations.

You want to know more?

Of course, we’re happy to provide you with an evaluation license in combination with a getting started 1:1 session.
Just contact us!

We invite you to browse through the additional resources below to see what else OfficeExpert is capable of. In the Knowledge Base, you will find technical details about the appliance, architectural topics, bot configuration, alerting and more.

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