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In theory, everything should be ok. All systems are up and running …

Do you recall hearing such a statement while scratching your head, wondering how you could have discovered and proactively prevented a problem before your users opened tickets with your helpdesk?

Our recommendation: Don´t risk any monitoring blind spots and go the whole nine yards!

According to a Microsoft Report about the “State of the Hybrid Cloud” in 2017 almost 80% of all Microsoft enterprise customers operate their infrastructure in a hybrid model.

Monitoring On-Prem, Hybrid and Cloud

With a hybrid model, it is sometimes a little harder to get facts and figures for everything at once. As such, the right monitoring and analytics solution for most companies should be able to measure both on-prem and Microsoft Office 365 cloud components equally reliably. If this is not the case, you will run into issues of having components influencing your overall infrastructure without being able to identify the origin of a problem.

Regardless of how Office 365 applications are deployed, many questions need constant attention. Some about application health, others about availability, and of course there are always questions about performance. These need ongoing and precise answers to ensure outstanding service quality and end-user experience across the entire enterprise.

Given this complexity, there is obviously a steady struggle to understand what’s working and what isn’t.

  • Are our on-prem servers performing well?
  • Do all our Office 365 cloud applications work at peak performance?
  • Can our users search and access important content in SharePoint quickly?
  • How fast can users log into Skype for Business, create or join conferences?
  • Does the end user experience differ comparing Outlook Client and Outlook Web access?
  • Are there noticeable differences between our locations?
  • Can we see a trend?

I’m sure there are many more such questions you have to face.

Simplify the complexities of measuring true end-user experience. Retain control and keep pace with ever growing and increasingly complex Microsoft hybrid environments. OfficeExpert provides monitoring and full end-to-end Quality of Service analytics that cover on-premises, hybrid and cloud components, proactively pinpointing areas that require your attention.

Ready to get started?

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