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You’ve asked for recommendations. You’ve done your research. Now you’re preparing to jump through the rings of fire that is an approval to trial the software. Well, we’ve lowered height of the rings, put out the fire … in fact, it’s now more of a playground than a circus act.

Welcome to the OfficeExpert Sandbox – a pre-populated environment so you can immediately begin exploring the power of OfficeExpert.


No need to take our word for it. Dive right in and test it yourself before taking it to the next level. Decide yourself whether OfficeExpert truly lives up to all the hype. What hype, you ask? The hype we’ve summarized for you at the bottom.

No sweat

It’s simply our attempt at making your purchase decision easier. We asked Bernhard Wascher, Head of Development (and technology visionary) to answer some questions about this new way of testing.

No strings attached…”

Q: Why use a sandbox before starting a trial?

Managing projects is a big part of my work. I realize that getting the right people on board, to ready an infrastructure and to get the final go can take a long time. I’ve also heard from customers that they need access product trials quickly and with no strings attached. That’s what we hope to achieve with this sandbox. We’re confident enough that you’ll like what you see and want to offer full transparency in what you’ll get.

Q: But why the sandbox and not a trial?

Of course we offer a trial too. But do you really want to install OfficeExpert and play your data into it to see whether the insights are appropriate? The data you see is real, just obfuscated. With the anonymized samples, they can start to imagine the power of OfficeExpert when implemented into their own infrastructure. All they need is a web browser and a chair… you know, for when they get blown away by what they see.

Q: What’s the catch?

No catch. No strings, no sweat, no bureaucracy. It’ll take you less than 2 minutes to access the sandbox. Visit the OfficeExpert product page  and hit the button “Try free of charge for 30 days”. Once you’ve entered your email and chosen a password, you’re good to go.

Avoid the circus act and dive right into the OfficeExpert sandbox!
Start Here...

Now to the HYPE!

Knowing what’s going on in your Office 365 environment is crucial to business success. With OfficeExpert you can monitor your environment’s performance and improve your end users’ experience through end-to-end simulations. Analyze end-user experience centrally and proactively overcome potential risks to conquer workplace analytics with OfficeExpert.

Struggling to get users on board? Strengthen the adoption of your Office 365 environement with OfficeExpert Usage Data.

So what are you waiting for? Access the OfficeExpert sandbox now!

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