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Skype for Business – Conference Simulations Explained.

OfficeExpert offers a broad range of End-to-End simulations. One of the most sophisticated is the one for Skype for Business. OfficeExpert goes beyond the level of peer-to-peer chat by performing an entire Skype for Business conference simulation.

Before we get started.

Well, first it’s easy to use.

Keep in mind that OfficeExpert gives you the option to use the actual Skype for Business Lync Client or Client Web API.
In our opinion offering this simulation on top of the Lync Client is essential because that is the primary client application for end users at the moment.

Let’s talk about the Conference Simulation.

To perform a Skype Simulation, you must configure at least 2 Bots to serve as conference participants in a 1 to 1 conference. You can, however, define as many Bot-participants as you wish up to the limit allowed by Microsoft. In addition, your Bot-participants can be geographically distributed to simulate conferences across multiple locations.

Once you have configured them, two things happen:

1) A so-called Skype Listener starts on the Bots. It ensures they can all reach each other, and
2) Based on the configuration, one of the Bots acts as a moderator and initiates a simulation performing the following steps:

  • Authentication,
  • Retrieve Contact Manager List (Buddylist),
  • Add entry to Contact Manager,
  • Delete entry from Contact Manager,
  • Create Conference,
  • Invite all configured participants to the Conference (will wait up to 30secs for each participant to join),
  • Participants join the Conferences,
  • Moderator sends IM message,
  • Participants send IM message,
  • Moderator closes the Conference.

Successful execution and time required to perform each step are all measured in order to provide you with a high level of granularity.

The following graphic visualizes a Skype for Business Conference with 3 participants:

How’s your Skype quality of service?

Start your trial and see the power of the Skype for Business Conference Simulation in real-time.
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