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You’re not alone if you’ve never modernized or migrated Notes/Domino. The problem is high profile projects this complex and important are not done lightly or often. So, if you’re starting from zero, what can you do to be a project delivery hero?

As with any project, the first step is to accurately determine the true scale of the task ahead of you. You’ll know already that’s not always as easy as it sounds. Organizations running on Notes/Domino for more than a few years commonly have thousands of applications in their installation. Many of these, however, won’t have been used in years.

Up to 90% of Your Applications Could be Unused

Don’t waste your resources. If you’re counting these in your plans, your project is off to a very bad start. Your project scope will be completely wrong. Your delivery times will be wrong. You’ll be using too many developers. At best, your budget will be higher than it should be. At worst, the project could fail.

iDNA helps you easily deliver your first, major quick project win. It automatically analyzes your applications looking at usage. You’ll be able to make fact-based decisions about which applications should be migrated or modernized and those that can be ignored.

Eliminating Unused Applications - Zero to Hero Effect

Getting to Zero Makes You the Hero

By eliminating unnecessary work from your project at the start, you’ll have laid the groundwork to deliver success. You’ll know the resources you need to deploy. Your delivery and implementation will be as efficient and cost effective as possible.

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