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Modernizing and migrating Notes / Domino environments can be amongst the most difficult projects you’ll ever be asked to deliver. If you can start by identifying and eliminating unused applications, you can reduce the size of your project by up to 90%. Your project scoping will be more accurate. Delivery times will be shorter. Resources will be more efficiently allocated, and costs will decrease.

Easily reduce your project to its true size

It’s not unusual for companies using Notes/Domino to have built up a catalog of thousands of applications. Many of these will be in constant use. Processing these applications will require time and the right number of developers to handle the load.

Get an Overview

But, many applications will be inactive. Eliminate these from the start and you’ll truly understand the size of the task ahead of you. You can plan for the right resources. You can better estimate the time required to do what needs to be done. Your budgeting will be improved as well.

iDNA automatically analyzes all off your applications. It looks at how often they’re used and by how many people. With this information in hand, you’ll know what needs to be processed, and what can be left by the wayside.

Prioritize to get the most from your resources

iDNA’s easy to read dashboard shows the complexity of each application’s coding. Low complexity apps can be handled quickly. Apps with higher complexity pose trickier questions. You might wish to simplify the code to improve performance. You might want to rewrite an application for use in a new environment. Regardless your goal, you’ll be able to assign the correct programming resources, and schedule enough time to get the job done.

Complexity alone is not enough. You’ll also see how heavily the applications are used. This information allows you to further refine how you use your programming resources. You’ll get the best return by focusing on the most popular apps. Does it make sense to devote 5 man-days on a complex app that is only used by one person?

Get your project off to the right start by having the right information

Successful projects start with a good plan. Improve how you plan your most challenging projects by starting with factual data. Resources will be better allocated. Delivery dates will be more accurate. Budgeting will be improved. Combine complexity and usage to give structure to your project, prioritize your resources and get the quickest return on your investment.

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