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Dealing with costs in complex projects is in and of itself complex. From start to finish, iDNA identifies opportunities for you to optimize project costs and helps answer the most difficult questions.

Reveal the True Size of the Task Ahead

Let’s start by looking at your applications, we’ll sort them based on usage and complexity. With an easy to read dashboard you can identify unused applications you don’t need to worry about. You’ll also see the ones that will need more time and programming resources. Scope and work more efficiently, using just the resources you need.

Reduce Licensing Costs

Your licensing costs should reflect your actual usage. There’s no better time to do a quick license review than just before starting an ambitious project. It’s not unusual for up to 30% of users to be inactive. iDNA gives you the opportunity to reduce licensing costs by revealing your active and inactive users.

Easy Benefit Based Cost Allocation

Proper cost allocating for big projects is essential for accounting and reporting. Application usage can be broken down by department. Combining this information with code complexity means you can allocate costs according to the benefit each department receives and the migration resources they consume.

Dealing with costs in complex projects doesn’t have to be complex after all. Let iDNA show you the way to bring them under control.

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