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If you’re a developer and you’re working on projects, you know the pain old source code can cause. Whether you’re migrating mail, web enabling Notes apps, or moving to the cloud, roadblocks are somewhere in your path ahead. iDNA uses a two-prong solution that no other vendor offers to knock those obstacles out of the way.

The First Prong

All Your Source Code at Your Fingertips

iDNA Applications gives you access to all your source code in one place. Searches for common problem areas such as database dependencies, hardcoded names and other project blockers come predefined. You won’t need to seek this out. iDNA automatically points them out to you in every instance wherever they occur.

But, you’re not limited. You can easily do your own manual searches for any code entry you might wish to find. You can retrieve all the information you feel you need to help you do your job.

The Second Prong

Finding Code Duplication

Finding a problem is a good start, but it’s not enough. Now you must fix it. iDNA automatically analyzes your applications. It shows you the ones that share the same code and how much of that code is shared.

We’ve seen as much as 95% code duplication in many installations. That means only a fraction of the issues you find are unique. Since you’ll see exactly where the problems are located, you only need to write a fix once per issue. After that, you just cut and paste to apply it wherever you need it. It’s a classic example of working smarter not harder.

Putting the Two Together

iDNA automatically reviews all your source code and shows you the roadblocks ahead. Once you know where they are to be found, eliminating those obstacles is as simple as cut and paste.

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